Sashiko Ballcap

Handmade beeswax-paper ball cap.

Limited edition small-scale runs made in small batches of material and colour.

Deadstock, repurposed, or found fabric is hand-stitched to undyed paper, then melted beeswax is brushed on and the hat is lightly baked. The wax bonds the fibers of the hat and fabric, strengthening it and changing it’s materiality. 

The beeswax finish makes the cap stiff at first, but will slowly shape itself to your head and soften over time.

It’s water resistant, durable, light, and warm.  

It smells nice and will age well.

Paper handmade in Japan, cap handmade in Melbourne, Australia. We know exactly who made each sheet of paper that we use and have a surprising amount of information about each atelier and their methods. 

To find out what colours we currently have in stock, get in touch or check our Insta.


— Handmade Japanese paper
— Beeswax from Victoria, Australia
— Cotton lining made from reclaimed/deadstock/found/repurposed fabrics always
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