Everyone's heard of a dragon

November 11, 2023 — January 27, 2024
Craft Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
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Curated by James Lemon and Bobby Corica

Everyone's Heard of a Dragon explores the profound impact of fantasy and material practice as tools for navigating one's experiences. This charged realm, situated between the truths of our immediate reality and the expansive realm of possibilities, shapes our surroundings, offering solace and imbuing the world with meaning.

Materiality plays a pivotal role in shaping both fantasy and truth. It demands meticulous attention and immersion, serving as a bridge that connects things that were, things that are, and some things that have not yet come to pass. What joys can we toil, passing threads between our fingers or simply bringing a vessel to the lip to sip? Everyone's Heard of a Dragon invites artists, designers, and craftspeople to consider our shared obsessions with materials and how they can affirm and expand our unique stories.

To paraphrase Ursula K. Le Guin: If imagination is the instrument of ethics, what forms shall our melodies take?


Alfred Lowe / Billie Civello / Bolaji Teniola / Christopher Boots / Den Hiscock / DNJ paper  / Ella Reweti / Ella Saddington / Hilary Green / Indra Prudence / Jemma Yibbruruana / Jill Stevenson / Juan Castro / Julian Leigh May / Karla Laidlaw / Laura de Carteret / Lou Clifton / Louise Meuwissen / Maia McDonald / Matea Gluščević / Nathan Martin / Nicolette Johnson / Mr Donegan, Ninuku Arts / Pip Byrne/ Remy Faint /Tantri Mustika / Terry Williams / Sienna Barton / Stephen John Clarke / Theodosius Ng / Yen Qin

Exhibition view, photo by Henry Trumble

For this group exhibition, we produced two waxed paper flower vases.

Large Gathering, Diatom
Small Gathering, Iron Oxide

Large Gathering, Diatom, photo by Henry Trumble

Large Gathering, Diatom is s stitched paper flower vase, constructed from hand-made Japanese paper. The paper was produced by Noto-Nigyo in Ishikawa Prefecture, and it's distinctive colour and texture is due to the inclusion of diatomaceous earth in the paper-making process. This vessel has been treated with organic beeswax, and is water-tight. This vase contains two large pieces of coral, which give it weight and allow you to change the vases shape and tilt.

Handmade Washi (Noto-Nigyo),
Machine Made Washi (Awagami Factory),
Cotton Sashiko Thread,
Australian Beeswax.

approx. 50 x 30 x 25cm

Smalll Gathering, Iron Oxide, photo by Henry Trumble

Small Gathering, Iron Oxide is a stitched paper ichirin-zashi (single flower vase), constructed from hand-made Japanese paper. The paper is Yokono washi, made in Okayama Prefecture by the Ueda family, and it's distinctive red colour and texture is an iron oxide dye. This vessel has been treated with organic beeswax, and is water-tight. The piece contains small pieces of fabric, saved during the production of other work.

Handmade Washi (Yokono Washi),
Machine Made Washi (Awagami Factory),
Cotton Sashiko Thread,
Australian Beeswax

approx. 20 x 12 x 12cm





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