DNJ PAPER is an experimental practice.
We make things out of paper. 

Everything we sell is designed and/or made in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). We acknowldege that the land on which we work and learn was never ceded from it’s traditional custodians, the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the Eastern Kulin Nations. 

We wear our samples, and we are learning about this material with every piece we make and wear. We want to learn more. By buying a piece, you are particpating in this process of learning. 

Some pieces might not be the same colour, they will change as you wear and use them. 

We work really hard to operate ethically. Artisans, suppliers, collaborators are paid equitably, and supply chains are uncluttered. Where possible, materials are repurposed, found, reclaimed. We sometimes use the natural elements (sun, wind) to colour our cloth. We hand-make our pieces, and want to highlight that in any scale of production, all clothes are handmade

All sales are final — We don’t accept returns, and cannot offer refunds.

We will do what we can to repair and mend something we have made for you, or replace parts of it that were damaged in transit.

Contact us if you have any issues.

Detailed Terms here.

(Above: Early examples of paper dresses, 1968)





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